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Learn, Master. Teach.

Summer Training provides cadets with the opportunity to pursue intensive courses designed to teach new skills and knowledge, have cadets master those new abilities and then teach their fellow cadets what they have learned. Cadets have a variety of courses that they can take depending on their own interests and goals. There are four different streams of activities that take place during the summer.

Cadet Training Centre (CTC) Training

Courses offered to cadets who have completed their third year of training, or higher, hosted at Cadet Training Centres (CTC). Courses range in length from 2 to 5 weeks and take place at  CTC locations across the country. Information about the courses and locations available to cadets is published yearly. Selection for these courses is based on merit (based on attendance, training results, behaviour, etc.). 

Cadet Advisory Council (CAC)

The Cadet Advisory Council is designed provide the opportunity for the Commander and senior staff at the headquarters to engage directly with a group of senior cadets from across the country on a variety of cadet program related topics. 

Staff Cadet Opportunities

Cadets in Silver Star who have completed a summer training course in the past may apply for positions as Staff Cadets at a Cadet Training Centre. The positions available include those primarily focused around training, support roles or other essential activities needed to deliver the summer training program. Cadets employed as Staff Cadets are paid a competitive daily wage.

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