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Our Mandate

The Support Committee is the local civilian partner for the Cadet Corps responsible for coordinating the local support for the cadet corps in the community. We work with the Canadian Armed Forces to ensure that the Cadet Corps remains viable and provides a dynamic training program for our cadets.

We are committed to achieving the following objectives:​

  • Encourage and promote interest in and support for the Royal Canadian Army Cadets in Pointe-Claire and surrounding communities.

  • Assist in the recruitment of Cadets.

  • Ensure that the 2806 Army Cadet Corps' Program is adventure-oriented, challenging, consistent with our aims and relevant to present society.

  • Collect, receive, hold and invest funds and property from contributions, gifts, grants, subscriptions or legacies and use such funds, subject to the donor's direction, for the benefit of the Cadets of 2806 Pointe-Claire (RMR).

Our Members

The Support Committee is made up of interested members of the local community, sponsoring organizations and parents of cadets. Members of the executive (President, Treasurer, Secretary) are elected each year in June. Directors are volunteers who assist the executive in a variety of functions, including assisting with the operation of the cadet canteen, organizing individual fundraising campaigns or providing support to cadets on certain activities.

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