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Mobile. Modern. Efficient

This digital platform is designed to support and enhance communications and training opportunities for our cadets. It is a national platform that allows for collaboration ranging from the local to the national level. It is based on the Microsoft365 suite and therefore provides cadets access to tools such as Outlook, MS Teams, SharePoint and other familiar products.

At our cadet corps CADET365 is the main place for our cadets to receive information about training, to communicate with each other and to perform administrative functions like report an absence or apply for courses. 

Cadets can expect to receive their log-in credentials within 2 weeks of joining the program. They will need to log-in and complete a Cyber Awareness Course that will familiarize them with the rules and etiquette associated with this platform.

To sign into your account, click here. Please note you may have to log-out of any MS365 accounts that you have open in your browser.

Having trouble logging into your account? Contact us.

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